Ridin-Hy Ranch

Warrensburg, NY


A fun filled, relaxing week at Ridin-Hy Ranch again with friends and family.

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PASS Convention

Seattle, WA


Had a wonderful time in Seattle covering the FAA technician union (PASS)

annual convention ... Had time to visit the Space Needle and even rode

the Duck around town ! Fun fun !

A380 at MIA

MIA Airport  |  Miami, FL


The gigantic Airbus A380 made it's first flight into MIA

touching down on runway 9.

Sun 'n fun 2011

LAL Airport  |  Lakeland, FL


Another awesome year covering controllers

and technicians at the Sun 'n Fun airshow.

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Broward College Student Life Awards

Central Campus  |  Davie, FL


Broward College ATC Simulators

Pembroke Pines, FL


Broward College's Aviation department has grown substantially in the

last few years. Recently, they added a full set of Air Traffic Control

simulators very similar to what the FAA is using to train

controllers in Oklahoma City.

Broward College Earth Day Celebrations 

Central Campus  |  Davie, FL


Broward College Teacher Chair Awards

North, Central & South Campus


Broward College Endowed Teacher Chair award

(surprise) certificate presentations ...

Broward College RN-BSN Inaugural Class 

Central Campus  |  Davie, FL


Florida Renaissance Festival 

Quiet Waters Park  |  Deerfield Beach, FL


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FAA Climber Training

Miami, FL


FAA Airway Transportation Systems Specialists (ATSS) attending climber

training at the MIA RCAG communications facility.

Cows In the Mist

Miami, FL


Just before the ATSS climber training, I spotted a few grazing cattle

in a nearby field with the morning sun hitting the fog ... good stuff.

MDFD Rescue Training

Miami, FL


Metro Dade Fire Dept chose the VORTAC facility I maintain for the FAA

as a training site for rescue work. Very exciting to have the helicopter

feet from me on top of the structure !

Broward College 50th Anniversary Group Photo

Central Campus  |  Davie, FL


Untitled photo
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